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Design Technology of Friction Materials
Over 20 years of development, Dawin has independently secured high-tech friction materials for aircraft requiring the most sophisticated equipment and advanced engineering techniques.
(Successfully completing five flight tests)
Bonding Technology of Dissimilar Materials
With over 15 years of experience, Dawin secured various technologies those equivalents to world-class level in the field of bonding such as diffusion bonding technology of dissimilar material, melted bonding technology, metal-ceramic bonding technology and pre- treatment of bonding.
Non-destructive Test & Evaluation Technology of Friction Materials
During the development of friction materials, Dawin secured the correlation know-how between Lab-Scale Dynamometer and Full Scale Dynamometer of friction characteristics also ensuring a superior quality through non-destructive testing and evaluation.
Design Technology of Brake Related Components
Design, Test, Evaluate and Manufacture brakes and brake components for Aircraft, Helicopter, Automobile, Wind Turbine.
Full Scale Dynamometer for Aircraft Brake System
Full Scale Dynamometer for Aircraft Brake System is used to test the performance of brakes that cover a wide range of operational conditions. They may simulate actual vehicle operations or Rejected Take-Off. For instance, in aircraft dynamometers it is typical to simulate actual operating conditions including taxing, take-offs, and landings.

Design Technology of Wheel Related Components