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CEO Message

Dawin Friction

Welcome to Dawin

With a win-win philosophy, Dawin Friction Corporation will grow as a company with advanced technologies in the field of new materials for Sintered Brake Discs & Pads and Brake Systems currently used on modern Aircraft.

Dawin is a diversified manufacturer of sintered brake discs, pads and brake systems for various fixed and rotary wings; providing efficient solutions that help our customers effectively and providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of mobile, industrial and aerospace markets.

Dawin has utilized innovative sourcing methods and diversified our business to include Brake Discs, Pads and Brake Assemblies for Military Aircrafts & Rotorcrafts, High Speed Trains and Wind Turbines including Aircraft Wheels and Brakes. By expanding our product line, we have experienced remarkable development; focusing on the quality of our products.

We believe employees are the ones who deliver top quality products and we believe our talented and committed employees are the most important assets. For this reason, Dawin has vastly invested to promote a friendly work environment for our employees. We are also doing our best to support them to explore their capabilities in order to work in perfect harmony with our customers.

We will continuously research and develop the core technology of industrial, high speed rail materials, advance materials and mechanical design to improve the quality of its products, while providing customer satisfaction by exceeding our customer’s requirements and expectations.

Thank you.