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Rotor Brake
Braking Torque 11.0/13.4kNm(min/max)
Pressure for Operation 40bar
Disc Thickness 30mm
Pad Material Sintered Metal
Piston Area 81.9cm2
Rotor Lock Device
Max Pressure 250bar
Diameter of Pin 200mm
Max Stroke 80mm
Max Lateral Force 2,000kN
Weight 95kg
Safety Sensor Position Indication S/W(lock/unlock)
Hydraulic Power Unit
Pump 0.75kw × 400VAC × 50Hz × 3Ph
Filter O
Manual Pump O
Pump - Flow 2.8L/min
Pump - Power 0.75kW
Max Pressure 210bar
Accumulator 0.75L 1ea(130bar), 0.32L 1ea(30bar)
GL Statement of Compliance for 2MW Wind Turbine