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KUH (Korean Utility Helicopter)

Wheel and Brake
Sintered Brake Discs
Wheel Brake Assembly
Brake Control Systems
Wheel Brake Hydraulic Transducers
Wheel Brake Metering Valves
Wheel Brake Input Levers
Nose Wheel Locking Handles
KUH (Korean Utility Helicopter) Wheels & Brake System
Dawin’s goal is to become the most reputable supplier of high-quality brake systems in the world.
Wheels and Wheel Brake Assembly
  • Wheel Brake Assembly
  • Main Wheel
  • Nose Wheel
Brake Control System
  • Wheel Brake Hydraulic Transducer
  • Wheel Brake Metering Valve
  • Wheel Brake Input Lever
  • Nose Wheel Locking Handle
BELL525 Relentless

Dawin-designed Wheels and Brakes for the BELL525
including Sintered(steel) brakes that
interface with the customer’s requirement while at
the same time achieving the strict weight
and performance requirements set for the Helicopter.

Wheels and Brakes for BELL525 Relentless High reliability and excellent maintainability, reducing the need for in-service removals,
maximizing part reuse, to help maintenance requirement and repair cost.
Wheels and Wheel Brake Assembly
  • Main Wheel
  • Nose Wheel
  • Wheel Brake Assembly